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Miata (1989-2005)

When the weather is fair and the top is down, nothing beats the joy of driving a Miata convertible! However, when the weather is bad or if you are on a long drive on the freeway, you just can't beat a Hardtop. The good news is that now you can have the best of both worlds!

Our Removable Miata Hardtop, which was introduced in 2000, was designed to enhance the overall sports car look with a totally unique "Speedster" roof silhouette. This exciting Smooth Line design features a curved, flush mounted, convertible sized, rear window for a very sleek and low look. Coming or going, our Hardtop will give your Miata a very aggressive stance that will definitely make heads turn!

Adding a Smooth Line Removable Hardtop is the best styling and practical improvement that can be made to your Miata. Our custom designed Hardtop will give an exciting, clean and smooth look to your Miata while comfortably protecting you from unwanted noise and weather.

The interior is upholstered in a thick OEM felt automotive headliner material that will compliment the interior of your car. This headliner significantly absorbs road noises and also is an excellent insulator against heat or cold. Now you will be able to have normal conversation or really enjoy your favorite music on your stereo. Great on long drives!

Our rain guards will help keep your seats dry when the door is opened. This new Hardtop is complete with thick rubber moldings attached to ensure a weather tight seal. When your Miata is parked, a Smooth Line Hardtop also adds additional security for the car and personal items.

Attachment is very simple and fits all 1989-2005 Miatas.  Simply lower the convertible top in the normal position and attach the Hardtop. The Smooth Line "Speedster" Hardtop attaches to the windshield at the same point as the convertible top and at the sides near the convertible pivot point. The "Speedster" Hardtop does not require the use of the "Frankenstein" clamps in the rear for a secure fit.

The footprint of our Hardtop is the same as the convertible top and the thick rubber seals against the factory plastic molding on the deck, eliminating abrasion on the painted surface. The Miata Hardtop only weighs approximately 50 lbs, is easy to handle, and can be removed in seconds! Very easy on/off!

All Smooth Line Hardtops are made in the USA by American craftsmen. Quality is an absolute! All production is done in house to insure high standards. The shell is a premium grade automotive fiberglass composite with dual panel perimeter construction, which makes it very strong but light weight. The exterior is finished to perfection with two coats of smooth black urethane primer ready for a top coat color of your choice. For the best color match, we recommend using a local high quality auto body paint shop that can computer scan your Miata to match the paint.

Every Smooth Line Hardtop is custom made to order by our expert trained craftsman one at a time and are assigned a unique serial number. We have a one-year Limited Warranty against defects in workmanship or materials.

The standard Smooth Line Miata Speedster Hardtop is finished in a smooth, ready to paint, black primed urethane exterior finish with charcoal gray headliner, tinted Plexiglas window and all attachment hardware. No holes to drill, no modifications and nothing extra to buy! Please see Installation Instructions for details.

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Features (included in base price)

Hardtop Shell
  • High strength, light weight, precision molded fiberglass composite
  • Premium automotive grade materials
  • Exterior rain guards
Exterior Finish
  • Color coat ready.
  • Finished with two coats of smooth black urethane primer ready for a top coat color application.
Upgrade Available
Exterior Material Upgrade: For those who would like a contrasting color or don't want to paint we offer a Factory installed Elk grain Haartz premium vinyl exterior covering. This gives a very soft, subtle look that is not over stated. Available in Black, White, and Saddle.


  • The interior is fully upholstered with a thick charcoal gray color automotive headliner.
  • Improved sound and insulating properties compared to the convertible top
Upgrade Available
Interior Upgrade: Upgrade the standard charcoal headliner to Black or Tan. These upgraded materials are three times thicker than the standard charcoal headliner and offer superior sound dampening and insulation properties.
Upgrade Available
Sunroof Upgrade: Add another dimension to your Hardtop - Our deluxe sunroof is flush mounted with a weather tight silicone seal. It measures 15 X 30 and is fitted with a solar high performance glass which provides 92% U. V. protection.
Rear Window - Tinted plexiglas
  • This light weight impact resistant material will not discolor or become foggy and with reasonable care will last for years.
  • Upgradable to AS-2 Safety Glass with or without defogger
Upgrade Available
Window Upgrade:
  1. A tinted curved AS-2 safety glass defogger rear window complete with an easy to install wiring harness $200.00
  2. A tinted curved AS-2 safety glass plain rear window $150.00

Attachment Hardware

  • The front and rear mounting system is custom designed for the Miata.
  • All metal components are made of high strength corrosion resistant stainless steel and are designed to provide a simple, secure and professional fitting Hardtop.
  • This application does not require any modification to the vehicle and is easy to install.
  • Once installed the hardtop can be easily removed or reattached in minutes without any tools.
Weather Seals
  • Custom extruded rubber moldings are matched to the windshield, rear deck and side windows/curtains to ensure a weather tight seal.
  • These OEM quality materials are resistant to sunlight aging, water absorption, and ozone.


Smooth Line Hardtops require no modification to your car, and in most cases the convertible top does not even need to be removed. It stays with the car in the down position when the Hardtop is mounted. Please see installation instructions for details.

Complete with installation instructions

12 month Limited Warranty

Hardtop Carrier
An easy way to store and protect your Hardtop from damage when not in use
Find out more here.

Miata with Haartz Black Vinyl Hardtop
Miata with Haartz Black Vinyl Hardtop
Miata with Haartz Black Vinyl Hardtop
Miata with Haartz Black Vinyl Hardtop
Miata with Painted Hardtop
Miata with Painted Hardtop
Miata with Haartz Black Vinyl Hardtop
Miata with Haartz Black Vinyl Hardtop
Miata with Haartz Black Vinyl Hardtop
Miata with Haartz Black Vinyl Hardtop

Miata Haartz Saddle Vinyl Hardtop Exterior
Miata Haartz Saddle Vinyl Hardtop Exterior
Miata Hardtop Exterior
Miata Hardtop Exterior
Miata Hardtop Interior
Miata Hardtop Interior
Base Price
  1. Mazda Miata "Small Window" (1989-2005)
    ONLY $1399.00
  2. Mazda Miata "Big Window" (1989-2005)
    ONLY $1499.00

To Order Call 1-877-368-4533

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Customer Testimonial

"Again, thanks…I’m real pleased and real glad I opted for the vinyl top.Thanks for a great hardtop…looks great."  -D.C., NV 

"I received my new vinyl top today and it is great. The workmanship is very good. I have purchased fiberglass aftermarket parts from other companies but your quality far exceeds theirs. It is a lot quieter inside the car with this new top on. I used to have an Allante with a removable Hardtop, that top moved around when you went over a bump or on a rough road. Your top does not, it makes no noise and doesn't move." - R.M., WA 

Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions

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