Since Smooth Line, Inc. was formed in 1998, it has become the World's Leader in Removable Hardtops for convertibles. Smooth Line has combined the Classic Hardtop designs manufactured by Parrish Plastics with its own exclusive designs for the Contemporary sports cars, such as the Corvette, Miata, Mustang, Solstice/Sky, and Nissan Z. Several new exciting designs are currently in the works for Contemporary and Classic models.

Parrish first designed and manufactured the MGA Hardtop, 60 years ago, in 1959. This was the beginning of the manufacturing and designing of a complete line of Classic removable Hardtops for many British, Domestic, and Asian sports cars that we all love and cherish.

Quality, engineering, and customer service are the hallmarks and the central focus of every Hardtop produced. Each Hardtop is custom made to your specifications by our expert craftsmen. All Smooth Line Hardtops are made one at a time and are assigned a unique serial number. Since 1959, more than 20,000 have been produced, are enjoyed, and admired around the world by car enthusiasts.

Smooth Line is located in western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. All manufacturing is done in United States to our exacting standards. Being car enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the high expectation of our customers and we appreciate their prized automobiles. Quality is our #1 priority. Each Hardtop is carefully checked and inspected throughout the manufacturing process and before it is packaged for shipment.

Our mission is to increase the pride and joy of convertible ownership by providing practical and appearance enhancing, quality products, that will last the life of your vehicle.