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To Order

To Order

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10am to 3:30 pm EST

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10 YEAR Limited Warranty






Payment  Domestic USA

A minimum 50% deposit of your total order amount is required to begin your order.

Currently, we do not accept credit cards or debit cards.

We accept checks, (personal or company), money orders, wire transfers, cashier checks, or cash.  Full payment is required 10 -14 days prior to shipment.  All funds are in US Dollars. Payable to Smooth Line, Inc.

Payment International

International bank wire transfers arranged via 

      E-MAIL orders.smoothline@gmail.com 

    PHONE  1-412-828-3599  FAX 1-412-3557

Payment in full is required to initiate your order.   All funds are in US Dollars. 

Order Acknowledgement

After order is processed verifying payment, an Order Confirmation Form will be forwarded to you via E-mail.  Please read it over carefully to ascertain correctness, make any necessary changes, sign it, and send it back to Smooth Line.

This is essential to ensure you that your Hardtop is being assembled, and will be shipped to the address  as per your request. This an extremely important step of our quality control process.

Shipping  Domestic- Continental USA

Freight costs are established at the time of order and are shipped prepaid to the destination of your choice. The most economical method would be to use a commercial address. Residential delivery can be arranged. Freight Lines will charge additional for this service.

Smooth Line will handle the paperwork and logistics.


Every order is carefully packaged in a specially designed corrugated container to minimize freight damage. 

Packaging and handling are included in freight cost. Domestic orders are shipped by motor freight (truck) and are insured by the carrier against loss or damage.

Shipping  Domestic- Alaska- Hawaii

Basically the same as Continental USA except the transportation will be via ocean or air.

Shipping  Canada

Smooth Line will handle the paperwork and logistics to the port of entry. Customs, brokers, duties, fees, will be the responsibility of the consignee. Transportation to the final destination and insurance is included in shipping quotation.

Shipping International- Over Seas 

Smooth Line can arrange delivery worldwide to most international ports of entry, air or ocean. Smooth Line will also handle the paperwork and logistics to the port of entry. Customs, brokers, duties, fees, and transportation to the final destination will be the responsibility of the consignee.


Factory Pickup

Orders can be picked up by appointment at the factory during business hours. Factory pickup and shipments within PA are subject to Pennsylvania State Sales Tax (6%). Factory pickup does not include any packaging cost.

General Terms and Conditions

All of Smooth Line products are custom made to each individual order. Therefore, Smooth Line products are NOT RETURNABLE for refunds or credit for any reason. All of Smooth Line Products are of the highest quality in the industry.  We stand behind our products and have been satisfying the most discriminating customers for over 50 years.

Written authorization must be obtained from Smooth Line and the distributor before merchandise may be returned for warranty service. All merchandise must be properly packaged in non damaged condition. An itemized packing slip, showing invoice number and date, with full explanation and clear photos of reason  for return must be included. All returns must be sent freight prepaid. All costs relative to a return are not reimbursable. See Warranty.


Smooth Line products are carefully packaged by professionals. Delivery in good condition is the responsibility of the carrier. All shipments are insured. To protect your rights in an insurance claim, upon receiving your merchandise, while in the presence of the delivery driver, before signing,  carefully inspect carton for damage or rough handling. If apparent, document with photos, before opening package and inspecting merchandise. If damage is beyond what is acceptable to you, document the damaged area of your Hardtop with clear photos. Refuse shipment, have driver note "damaged" on bill of lading. To initiate freight claim. E-mail Smooth Line all documentation with photos.  

Smooth Line will handle the claim ONLY if damage is discovered at the time of delivery  and reported as per receiving instructions. If damage is not reported as per receiving instructions, the responsibility will be that of the consignee. Failure to follow the above inspection procedure may void the insurance and your ability to be paid on a claim

The above terms and conditions pertain to all orders and will be strictly applied. Please do not ask for exceptions.


Warning: This product is designed to enhance the appearance of the vehicle and to shield the occupants from ordinary weather conditions. Do not rely in any way on the components of this product to contain occupants within the vehicle, or to protect against injury, or death, in the event of an accident. This product will not protect the occupants from falling objects. WEAR SEAT BELTS AT ALL TIMES.