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                                                       Currently this program is not offered


Smooth Line needs convertibles for test fitting of new and improved products we are developing. Smooth Line is expanding their Hardtop selection to meet more enthusiasts’ needs for their special cars. We are listening to potential as well as existing customer suggestions. We are committed to quality, continuously improving our products to better service our customers’ needs. We are enthusiasts ourselves and appreciate fine cars.

Our free Hardtop program is offered for the specific vehicle models listed (in red) below, and only vehicles which the car owner will deliver to our New Kensington, Pa facility (20 miles north of Pittsburgh, PA) and leave with us at least 2 or more weeks.

We require this time for developing new designs, performing multiple fit tests as we fine tune the fit and appearance of new products. Occasionally however, it may take more time depending on the complexity of the new product we are developing.

For your vehicle to be eligible it must have a straight body (no collision damage or dents) and a properly operating convertible top. The paint must be complete (no primer or signs of body repair), it must not have had any significant accidents (collisions), no aftermarket roll bar, and must be in good working condition. Proof of ownership is required. We will need to test drive your convertible.

In return we will give the car owner a new base model Smooth Line Hardtop. Factory installed upgrades are available. After the new Hardtop is completed, it will be installed on their automobile when they arrive to pick it up.

If you have questions about our free Hardtop Program please phone us at (412) 435-6523.

FREE Hardtop includes: Base Model Hardtop, standard upholstered interior, Plexiglas rear window, all seals, hardware, and installation. (upgrades are available)

All cars we use for product development are insured and parked indoors while in our care. Outdoor trailer parking on premise available.

Program requires car owner to deliver the car to our Cheswick, PA facility (15 miles north of Pittsburgh, PA) and leave with us.

If you own one of the following vehicles and want to participate in our FREE Hard Top Program CLICK HERE!

Eligible cars for program:

C-7 Corvette 2014 or newer

Miata 2014 or newer

Camaro 2014 or newer

VW Beatle current

Mustang 2015 or newer

If would like a Hardtop and your make or model is not available let us know

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