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Hardtop Carrier

We have searched the market and this one is the best!  Our fully adjustable Hardtop carrier features sturdy, large diameter powder coated steel tubing and is covered by soft foam rubber in all areas where the Smooth Line Hardtop is cradled for maximum protection.

The design of the carrier  helps prevents accidental damage when off the car.

The casters allow it to be moved easily and can be locked when stored.

This unique design folds up compactly for easy storage and can fit into most trunks.

Protect your valuable Smooth Line Hardtop from damage during moving

or storage with our sturdy Hardtop carrier and cover.

  • Safely store and move your Hardtop

  • Folds for storage

  • No assembly required


                                                                                       Only $275.00
















Hardtop Hoists

This heavy duty hardtop hoist is constructed from a lightweight aerospace 6061 T6 “drawn” aluminum tube, each end having a mandrel bend of a 4" radius. The assembly constitutes a very lightweight, sturdy cradle that securely supports the hardtop from beneath. This tubing is covered with a 1/2" thick high density foam avoiding damage to Hardtop paint, upholstery, or weather seals.

The hardtop is balanced with a connected harness of nylon seat belt webbing that is sewn with heavy duty polyester thread. Now your hardtop can easily be removed, stored, and reinstalled. 


All hoists include your choice of lifting systems; the manual pulley, the brake winch or the motor winch. How easy can it get?














C4 Corvette Hardtop with Electric Hoist
          350 Z with Manual Hoist



      This thick, soft, cover protects the headliner and exterior surface against dust and scratches when stored..


                                                                                         Only $75.00

Manual  5:1 Block and Tackle
Brake Winch
Electric Hoist

All systems are complete with Support Cradle and adjustable Harness Assembly. Easily installed with a 7' or higher ceiling.



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