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Frequent Hardtop Questions


How is payment handled?

A minimum 50% deposit of your total order amount is required to begin your order. We accept checks, personal, company, or cashier. Money orders, wire transfers, or cash.  Full payment is required 10 -14 days prior to shipment.  All funds are in US Dollars. International bank wire transfers can be arranged via e-mail at

See Terms and Conditions

How soon can I have my Hardtop after it is ordered?

Most of the Hardtops are custom made to your specific order. However, we do stock some of the more popular Hardtops for immediate shipment. A custom made, build to order Hardtop takes approximately 12 weeks for production to be completed.

Each Hardtop is hand made by craftsmen and delivery time is influenced by many variables such as availability of specific materials, slots in the manufacturing process, craftsman time, weather, government intervention, and holidays. Our Hardtops have been produced since 1959 and quality does matter, it is our # 1 priority. 

You will be provided with an approximate time estimate of your Hardtop at the time of your order

What about sales tax?

No sales tax on shipments except in Pennsylvania or Factory pickup (6%).

What about shipping my Hardtop? 

Most orders are shipped to our customers or to the shop of their choice where it will be fitted and painted. Orders can also be shipped to your local freight terminal for your pickup. Smooth Line can arrange delivery worldwide. Every order is packaged in specially designed corrugated boxes to minimize freight damage. Domestic orders are shipped by motor freight (truck) and are insured by the carrier against loss or damage. Smooth Line will also handle the paperwork and logistics if any damage is discovered at the time of delivery on domestic shipments. Freight costs are established at the time of order and are shipped prepaid to your destination.

Can orders be picked up at the factory ?

Orders can be picked up by appointment at the factory during business hours. Factory pickup and shipments within PA are subject to Pennsylvania State Sales Tax (6%). Factory pickup does not include factory installation nor packaging cost.


Is there anything extra I need to buy?

Smooth Line Hardtops are shipped complete with everything you need.

How long have these Hardtops been made?

For over 60 years! Being an MGA owner, Parrish quickly recognized the need for a removable hardtop for his beloved British sports car. Production began in 1959 and has continued since. Many of the classic styles were designed and produced by Parrish. Parrish Hardtops are time tested and have become a legend among car enthusiast. Since 1998 Smooth line has carried on this tradition with many new exciting designs for classics and contemporary sport cars. 

Since the beginning over 25,000 convertible hardtops have been produced Parrish and Smooth Line!

How much quieter?

According to actual tests by Corvette Enthusiast Magazine a very significant noise reduction was achieved. (See article) Each Smooth Line Hardtop has factory installed sound absorbing upholstery adding to your driving enjoyment.

How much head room is gained with a Smooth Line Hardtop?

In most cases the headroom is greater with a Smooth Line Hardtop than the convertible top. This is a big advantage for taller drivers!

How much does a Smooth Line Hardtop weigh?

Our hardtops are typically much lighter weight than the OEM hardtops because of the higher fiberglass content with less filler and resin used in our molding process. Easy to handle weight of 35 to 50 lbs. depending vehicle and options.

What type of material is used in the Smooth Line Hardtop shell?

All Smooth Line Hardtop shells are a high-tech fiberglass composite carefully molded and trimmed by hand to exacting tolerances ensuring a perfect fit on your vehicle. All Hardtops are oven cured at elevated temperatures for dimensional stability in all types of environments. All very important for the highest quality Hardtop! 

What type of exterior finish is available on Smooth Line Hardtops?




Sold "as molded surface" with some slight surface irregularities, mold seams, etc. Bodywork will be required to make paint ready, fitting to car, block sanding, filling, and priming before painting, installing windows and moldings after painting. MUST BE FITTED TO CAR BEFORE PAINTING.  These Hardtops are shipped complete with all parts.


RECOMMENDED FOR A PAINTED FINISH for a top coat color paint application 
Smooth Line Hardtops are available with a smooth, black urethane primer ready for color topcoat. “Ready for topcoat’ means that the body shop will have a minimum of prep before spraying the color coat. Absolutely no body work will be necessary.

Our prime coating is compatible with all top coats. Color matching is an art! We have found the most accurate color match can be achieved at a quality body shop which uses the latest computer equipment to match the color on your vehicle.


Hardtops are shipped complete with all parts. All exterior moldings and windows are to be installed after painting.

Are there any other options for the exterior other than painting?



Almost flat black finish, very low sheen, reminds one of hot rod primer as seen on the latest exotics. Not paint, this tough composite vinyl material, factory bonded to the hardtop fiberglass shell, is extremely durable, super easy to maintain and will probably outlast your car. No need for painting! All exterior moldings and windows are factory installed. These Hardtops are shipped complete with all parts, ready for easy installation and use.

This upgrade is truly distinctive and reminds one of the roof treatments of the 60’s muscle cars. Tightly stretched - Very understated subtle appearance. (Not your grandfather’s Lincoln). There is no need for painting with the vinyl exterior option. Haartz Brand is world renown as the premium automotive vinyl, a very tough material that usually outlasts painted finishes! All exterior moldings and windows are factory installed. These Hardtops are ready to install and use.

High tech look! Three dimensional, with amazing light reflecting qualities. Low gloss, marine grade, not a film, won’t yellow or craze. This factory installed textured covering is a very tough material, usually lasts as long as a painted finish! All exterior moldings and windows are factory installed. Hardtop is ready to install and use. (See Video)

How is the interior finished?

Completely upholstered in a thick OEM felt automotive headliner material that will compliment the interior of your car. This headliner significantly absorbs road noises and also is an excellent insulator against heat and cold. Now you will be able to have a normal conversation or really enjoy your favorite music. Great on long drives!

CHARCOAL GREY  included  Base 

BLACK OR TAN    Extra Cost

3x thicker than base. Very plush.

Improved sound and insulating properties compared to the convertible top.

Where are Smooth Line Hardtops manufactured?

Manufacturing originates in the USA. Everything is assembled in house at our modern factory in New Kensington, Pennsylvania, ensuring the best quality and fit. Careful attention to detail in every step by skilled American craftsmen, ensures our customers of a product that will satisfy the most discriminating enthusiasts.

What is involved when initially installing the Smooth Line Hardtop?

Smooth Line Hardtops are an easy, simple installation for the average DIY car enthusiast. All of the Hardtops come with all the necessary rubber gaskets, moldings, windows, latching hardware and written installation instructions. There is nothing extra to buy. There are no non-reversible modifications to your car.

The convertible top stays in the car in the down position. In general, it may be necessary to install two brackets for the rear latch points (no hole drilling). From that point it is a matter of positioning the Hardtop on the car and latching it down. Sometimes adjustments to the Hardtop are necessary to suit the differences in your car and are covered in the provided instructions.

Before starting we highly recommend that you read the instructions and become familiar with the details of the installation.  If the installation seems to beyond your ability or level of patience, have a competent body man or mechanic properly fit it to the vehicle. It is not difficult and should take less than 2 hours for the initial installation.

Once it is fitted, it can be painted.  Window, rubber seals, and trim moldings are installed after painting. For specific details, important instructions are located on the specific Hardtop webpage in a PDF format. Smooth Line Technicians are available to answer any questions. READ THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS!

What is the number #1 cause of installation problems?

Not reading the installation instructions! The #2 cause is not following the instructions. At  times, some experts claim to have years of experience in everything, and may have. 

However, most of them have never installed a Smooth Line Hardtop. Smooth Line Technicians who have installed hundreds of our Hardtops are only an e-mail away.

If I have questions about installing the Hardtop once I receive it, what can I do?

Thousands and thousands of Smooth Line Hardtops have been installed over the years. Everything is checked with jigs or actual vehicles before it is shipped to insure the proper fit to your vehicle. We recommend that everyone, including trained body men, read the installation instructions thoroughly before proceeding to the actual installation. Identify all of the hardware, moldings and weather seals.

You likely won’t have any questions if you follow these guidelines. However, if you do, please contact our tech people by email who will help get you on your way. E-mailed digital photos will solve your problem quickly. We strongly recommend fitting the Hardtop before painting.

After the initial installation are Smooth Line Hardtops easy to put on and take off?

Yes! Smooth Line Hardtops are very easy to remove and reinstall. They are also easy to handle because they are light weight (35 to 50 lbs.)  and generally tools are not necessary. Just a twist of the knobs will loosen the Hardtop. In just a few minutes the Hardtop can be on or off your car.

What do I do with the Hardtop when it is not on my car?

It is important to store the Hardtop so that it is safe and it not subject to damaging the finish or the rubber moldings.

What are the benefits of owning a Smooth Line Hardtop?


  • This is the last top you will need to buy!

  • Head turning looks, thumbs up approval – Turn your roadster into a GT or a super coupe with a performance attitude

  • Peace and quiet – great for long trips, conversation or good music

  • Dry – no more water leaks

  • Security - eliminate slashed convertible tops - less chance for break-ins

  • Preserve the convertible fabric from the elements or vandals

  • Drive on the track without the need for a roll bar (check with your track)

  • Aerodynamically cleaner- Better fuel mileage

  • More fun to drive- Like owning two different cars

I plan on participating in some events on a road racing course.

Most tracks will require a roll bar in a convertible for any event while a hardtop is exempt. Check your local rules. For the serious competitor a Smooth Line Hardtop will help stiffen the chassis, aerodynamically cleanup the car for a higher top end, while quieting down the wind and outside noises allowing for more concentration on driving, all resulting in lower lap times.

Are there any advantages in drag racing?

Again check your strip. Most drag strips require a convertible to be equipped with a roll bar or a hardtop. Generally speaking convertibles are limited to a lower speed than hardtops. A Smooth Line Hardtop can help you enjoy the full potential of your car. For the serious competitor a Smooth Line Hardtop will help stiffen the chassis and aerodynamically cleanup the car for a higher top end.

Is a Smooth Line Hardtop a worthwhile investment?


A Smooth Line Hardtop is the best accessory investment you can add to your car. Besides the payback of your personal enjoyment, your car will continue to look good, adding value to your car at resale.

A worn, ragged convertible top will disproportionately devalue your car, and worse yet, a leaking convertible will destroy your car!

This is the last top you will need to buy!

A Smooth Line Hardtop can also be easily removed and sold to another car owner because no modifications were required to install.

As you know, most add on accessories are non reversible and add very little to your car’s value. A Smooth Line Hardtop is an exception!

What other upgrades are available for Smooth Line Hardtops?

There are six upgrades available:

  • Exterior Material Upgrade For those who would like a contrasting color or don't want to paint we offer a choice of Factory installed premium vinyl exterior coverings. This gives a very soft, subtle look that is not overstated. Available in Black, Tan, and White. Flat Black Finish, and Carbon Fiber Texture.

  • Interior Headliner The headliner upgrade is 3xs thicker compared to the standard Grey headliner and is available in Black or Tan. This offers improved interior sound deadening and insulates the cockpit even better. (See artical )

  • Rear Window *The rear window upgrades offer the choice of Tinted Plexiglas, AS 2 safety glass (OEM tint) with defroster grid.

  • Bright Trim PackageCreate the complete look for your classic with the addition of bright chrome like trim moldings for the leading edge, side windows, rear deck, and rear window surround. Looks better than the way the factory would design it. Compliments the existing bright work on your vehicle for the perfect finishing touch. Moldings are furnished with 3M acrylic automotive tape bonded to the back side and are easy to apply for a permanent installation after painting.

  1.                                   Upgrades are not available on some models.

How do I order?

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