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Don't let a bad looking, leaking convertible top de-value your car!  Mold starts and the rust begins!

           Protect your investment ....  Life time solution.


              "The last top you will ever have to buy"

                  Install a Smooth Line Hardtop now!

Smooth Line Hardtops are very easy to remove and put on. In just a few minutes the Hardtop can be on or off your car, just a twist of the knobs  will loosen or tighten the Hardtop. No special tools are necessary.

The shell is a premium grade automotive fiberglass composite which is very strong, but light weight, easy to handle, only 30 to 50 lbs. complete.

Smooth Line Hardtops will give a lower profile appearance to your car. 

Most  of  the Smooth Line Hardtops actually have more headroom than the convertible top. A nice feature for taller drivers!

The exterior finish of the Hardtop is available with many optional choices. (See your specific Hardtop)

We recommend using a local high quality auto body paint shop that can computer scan your paint for best match.

The interior is upholstered in a thick OEM felt automotive headliner material that will compliment the interior of your car. The headliner significantly absorbs road noises and also is an excellent insulator against heat or cold.

Now you will be able to have normal conversation or really enjoy your favorite music on your stereo. Great on long drives!

No more leaky, hazy, scratched windows. Each Smooth Line Hardtop is complete with window and moldings. Many options (size, glass, Plexiglas, tinted, clear, defog) (See your specific Hardtop)

Tired of wet seats? Our rain guards will help keep your seats dry when the door is opened. This new Hardtop is complete with thick rubber moldings to ensure a weather tight seal.

A Smooth Line Hardtop also adds additional security for your car and personal items, stops slash and steal.

Every Smooth Line Hardtop is custom made to order in the USA by our expert American craftsman, one at a time, and are assigned a unique serial number. Quality does matter! It is our # 1 priority!

All Smooth Line Hardtops are complete….. Nothing extra to buy!

According to many of our customers they fell in love again! The the exciting new, sleek profile of their sports car with a Smooth Line Hardtop is hard to resist. It is truly awesome!

NOW is the Time! Turn your roadster into a GT Super Coupe with a performance attitude. Seriously cool, guaranteed head turning looks, with a thumb’s up approval.

      CALL 412-435-6523
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