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Blue 07 Mustang
Base Price 2005-14  Mustang Hardtop ONLY $1,999.00


Our New Mustang removable Hardtop is styled from the exciting current Mustang coupe roof line and features two fixed side quarter windows and a curved coupe size rear window for a very sleek look.

Adding a Smooth Line Hardtop is the best styling and practical improvement that can be made to your Mustang convertible. Driving can be enjoyable in any season with the quite comfort and security from the Smooth Line Hardtop.

Is your convertible top getting ragged, tired looking, ruining the appearance of your car, or worse yet, leaking?  It is time for the Smooth Line solution, the ULTIMATE REPLACEMENT CONVERTIBLE TOP.  Bring back the pride and joy of ownership of your ride! 

#1 Performance Option

Adding a removable Hardtop is the most exciting and practical improvement that can be made to your Mustang Convertible. The #1 performance option designed for action. Change your wind-in-the-hair boulevard cruiser into a super coupe in minutes. Simply lower the convertible top in the normal position (the convertible top is not removed) and latch the Hardtop in place. Now you can experience the full potential of your Mustang on the street, strip or track.

#1 Performance Option

Attachment is very simple and fits all 2005-14 convertibles. Simply lower the convertible top in the normal position and attach the hardtop using the easy to turn tightening knobs. Very easy and requires only minutes No tools are required. Also, the OEM styling bar will fit under the Hardtop.

The Mustang Hardtop only weighs approximately 55 lbs. and is easy to handle.



Features (included in base price)

Only $1999.00

  • Rigid / lightweight Fiberglass composite - Oven cured for dimensional stability in any climate

  • Exterior - grey gel coat ready to finish using normal body shop techniques*

  • Fully upholstered interior (charcoal grey)*

  • All mounting hardware included

  • Exterior rain guards

  • Tinted rear window- Flush mount – Large Coupe sized (Plexiglas)

  • Weather tight rubber seals

  • Illustrated installation instructions

  • 10 YEAR Limited Warranty


    Grey sandable "as molded" surface with some slight surface irregularities, mold seams, etc. Bodywork will be required to make paint ready, block sanding, filling, priming, and fitting to car before painting. Rear window, exterior moldings, and seals are to be installed after painting. These hardtops are shipped complete with all parts.

    Upgrades / Options Available 


      PRIMED EXTERIOR FINISH:  Upgrade $400.00 extra 


      Smooth Line Hardtops are available with a smooth, black urethane primer ready for color topcoat.     

      "Ready for topcoat’  means that the body shop will have a minimum of prep before spraying the color coat.     


       Absolutely no body work will be necessary. Our prime coating is compatible with all top coats. Color matching

      is an art!  We have found the most accurate color match can be achieved at a quality body shop which uses    

      the latest computer equipment to match the color on your vehicle.

      Rear window, exterior moldings, and seals are to be installed after painting. These hardtops are shipped    

      complete with all parts.

      INTERIOR UPGRADE in black or tan - $175.00 extra

      REAR WINDOW UPGRADE  AS-2 SAFETY GLASS w/ Defog:  Upgrade $350.00 extra complete with plug      

      and play wiring extensions.


Base Price 2005-14 Mustang Hardtop ONLY $1,999.00
All Smooth Line Hardtops are complete. Nothing else to buy!
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 Smooth Line Hardtops

  • ​The convertible top does  not need to be removed.

  • It stays with the car in the down position. 


       10 YEAR Limited Warranty

            Customer Testimonials

"The top arrived in fine condition. I am very impressed with the quality. Installation was a clear simple process - took a leisurely hour or so. I didn't have to use any of the adjusting techniques described." - R.F., RI

"Once again, thanks for all your assistance in completing this project.

This top is the ultimate addition to my car!" -J.S., IL