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FOREVER MX5 - After enjoying our new project Miata through the warm summer months, it’s time to bundle up for winter. Now, many folks around the world just disconnect the battery and garage their Miatas during the cold, rainy and snowy months, but that idea just doesn't sit well around Forever MX-5 HQ. We think the Survivor is a year-round car, but there’s just one challenge to overcome: the top. Read More >>

CORVETT ENTHUSIAST - As the weather grew steadily colder, we began to look wistfully at other Corvette owners in their coupes. Many Corvette owners experience the same dilemma, but a removable hardtop would keep their convertible's cabin toasty warm and make it a bit quieter, too. Fortunately... Read More >>

MUSTANG ENTHUSIAST - It’s getting down to that time. If you live in an environment that isn’t convertible-friendly 12 months a year, you’ve faced the prospect of putting away your car for the winter. Hibernation is becoming a fact of life, but in the process, you take away some of the enjoyment... Read more >> 

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