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W. B., Largo, FL - "It fits like a glove. I took the Corvette out on the highway to test out the wind and road noise with the new hardtop on and it is like almost none. The air conditioning works a lot better. I can also hear the CD audio sound a lot better. You notice right off that it accelerates faster and it's top speed is higher."

R.S., Trenton, NJ - "The top makes the car look great and is 1000x better than the TR original!"

R.S., Rocky Mount, NC - "I just want to commend you on the quality and craftsmanship in your product, not to mention made in the USA. I just love the double bubble look of the ZO6 and the rear window that looks like the size of my convertible top window. The white vinyl looks fantastic. The top was very easy to install. My wife and I attended the 2004 Gathering at Bowling Green, KY and demonstrated how easy it was to take off and put on."

R.P., Vancouver, WA - "This really looks cool! Thanks for putting this product out - it is like having two cars now."

R.F., Athens, GA - It is really beautiful on the car".

R.F., Newport, RI - "The top arrived in fine condition. I am very impressed with the quality. Installation was a clear simple process - took a leisurely hour or so. I didn't have to use any of the adjusting techniques described. I just bolted up first tet - step by step. "

R.M., Vancouver, WA - "I received my new vinyl top today and it is great. The workmanship is very good. I have purchased fiberglass aftermarket parts from other companies but your quality far exceeds theirs. It is a lot quieter inside the car with this new top on. I used to have an Allante with a removable Hardtop, that top moved around when you went over a bump or on a rough road. Your top does not, it makes no noise and doesn't move."

B. F., Rochester, NY - "I wanted to thank you for the Corvette Top your company made for me. It arrived in perfect condition and I had it painted last week. It fit right on the first try.It makes a difference in the cold weather driving, much quieter! I am looking forward to a few more winter trips."

B.W., Oklahoma City, OK - "I really love it. It totally changes the looks of the vehicle, and is something that I would never want to be without. I can change out, change looks,have the top down, etc --- it is really neat, and I have shown it to numerous Vette owners."

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